“Peacekeeper” Digital Magazine

Volume 1

In this first issue we stop to reflect on the cultural aspects that need to be considered in the international context, and especially by the soldiers of peace. The same topic is approached from three different points of view, the final conclusion being the common thread: consideration of local culture as an operational tool.


Volume 2

This issue will explore various reflections of CAECOPAZ Instructor Personnel, both national and foreign, who reflect on the best way to carry out training prior to the deployment of Peacekeeping Operations.


Volume 3

This issue of the Magazine finds us in a special moment in the history of the United Nations. This year, this Organization celebrates its 75th anniversary, and therefore, in addition to the relevant celebrations for that case, it is a good opportunity to reflect on where it is (we are) placed as an International organization and where it is going to (we are going to).