Arrival in Cyprus of the second flight of the ATF 58
On the 23rd of August the staff of the second flight of the Argentine Task Force (ATF) 58 arrived at the parade ground of Campo San Martìn after successfully completing their quarantine. Ver->

Between the 17th and the 20th August, CAECOPAZ held the UN Logistics Course online so as to train attendants in everything concerning logistic support in Peace Operations. Ver->

Last 10th August Air Force Day was celebrated at UNFLIGHT in Nicosia – Cyprus. Ver->

Argentine Army Captain Juan Carlo HERNÁNDEZ GÓMEZ appointed Operations Officer in UNMOGIP.
The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) is made up of 43 military observers of different nationalities. Ver->

Ceremonies: Chief of the Argentine Task Force 58 takes office. Change of Flag Bearer
On August 10, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) held a ceremony as the Argentine Task force 58 (ATF 58) took over functions. Ver->

Transfer of command authority ceremony: CAECOPAZ Deputy Director takes office
On 10th August CAECOPAZ witnessed the transfer of command authority ceremony at which Infantry Navy Commander Captain Martín Gabriel CATARDI was replaced by the new Deputy Director Vice Commodore Javier CHIAPPAI Ver->

Gender Focal Point training for ATF 58
At CAECOPAZ, and as a follow-up activity for the training of the ATF 58 aimed at complying with the Women, Peace and Security agenda. Ver->

Staff Officer Course at CCOPAB
Last May the Staff Officer course was held at the Joint Center for Peacekeeping Operations in Brazil (CCOPAB) - Sergio Vieira de Mello.. Ver->

Medal parade at Campo San Martin UNFICYP
On July 9, 2021, the United Nations held a medal parade at Campo San Martín, with special guests UNFICYP FC Maj Gen Ingrid GJERDE and ATF 57 chief, LC Matías Jorge MONEZ RUIZ. Ver->

Independence Day Celebration
On July 9th, a ceremony was held at CAECOPAZ to commemorate the anniversary of Argentina’s Declaration of Independence signed at the Congress of Tucumán in 1816. Ver->

Infantry Lieutenant Colonel (LC) (I) Walter Alexander PARSZYK appointed Chief of the Argentine Task Force 58 (ATF 58) UNFICYP - CYPRUS
On July 8, on behalf of the Armed Forces Operational Commander, the director of CAECOPAZ, Colonel Pablo Alberto FILIPPINI, appointed Infantry Lieutenant Colonel (LC) (I) Walter Alexander PARSZYK Chief of the Argentine Task Force 58 (ATF 58) UNFICYP - CYPRUS. Ver->

Arsenal Goods Review
On July 2, the Arsenal Goods Review at Caecopaz came to an end. Said review of those effects of the Argentine Army under the supervision and responsibility of CAECOPAZ Ver->

UNFICYP Force Commander visits ATF 57 - OP38
On June 10 UNFICYP Force Commander, Major General Ingrid GJERDE, visited the Argentine Peacekeepers of Sector 1 for the first time ever since taking office. Ver->

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