On the occasion of the celebration of the Ash Wednesday, an open-air mass was held at Caecopaz. Ver->

Pre-Deployment Final Meeting Zone of the 55 Argentine Task Force- Cyprus

The Pre- Deployment Final Meeting Zone for the Training and Readiness of the Joint Contingents of the 55 Argentine Task Force (FTA 55) UNFICYP from February 10-26th Ver->

The Head of State, authorities from the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence bid farewell to the 55 Argentine Task Force (UNFICYP - CYPRUS)

On Friday, 22 February, the President of Argentina and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Alberto Fernández, presided over the farewell ceremony of the personnel of the 55 Argentine Task Force UNFICYP (55 ATF). Ver->

Authorities of the Ministry of Defence and the Secretariat of International Affairs for Defence visit CAECOPAZ

On 18 February, we received the visit of the Secretary of International Affairs for Defence and the General Director of Peacekeeping Cooperation. Ver->

The new Chief of the 55 UNFICYP TF takes office

On Tuesday February 11, the interim head of the Office of the Chief of Operations of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces, Infantry COL Gabriel PIETRONAVE appointed the second-in-command of the 55 Argentine TF (FTA 55), Infantry Mj Juan Manuel ARIAS at the Parade Ground at CAECOPAZ. The Army Chaplain, Father Bernardo José Conte Grand conducted an invocation prayer. Ver->

Farewell ceremony for guest trainers

On Wednesday 6th February CAECOPAZ bid farewell to guest trainers from our neighbouring countries Chile and Brazil after their tour of duty in this Centre. These were CT Martí Sebastián SEPÚLVEDA OLIVARES of the Air Force of the Republic of Chile and Regimental Sergeant Major Sidney Dos Santos CLEMENTE and WOI Rainery Franco OLIVEIRA DO NACIMIENTO of the Army of the Federative Republic of Brazil. Ver->

Farewell ceremony of Lieutenant Coronel Claudio Marcelo ORTIZ (Air Force)

On Friday 20th December, 2019 CAECOPAZ bid farewell to Lieutenant Colonel Claudio Marcelo ORTIZ from the Air Force in a ceremony held in the parade ground. LT COL ORTIZ will now be transferred to the Operational Command of the Armed Forces. We are thankful for his services to our Centre and wish him every success in his new post Ver->

Newly arrived personnel welcome at CAECOPAZ

Last 11 December the Director of the Centre, COL Miguel Ángel SALGUERO and the Centre Command Sergeant Major WOII Rodrigo NIETO bid welcome to the personnel recently posted in CAECOPAZ. We wish them all a flying start in their positions. Ver->

Upgrade Seminar on humanitarian demining and related issues

On Monday 9th December, personnel of the Education Department of CAECOPAZ participated in an upgrade seminar on Humanitarian Demining and related issues, at the 601 Engineers battalion in Campo de Mayo to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the "Convention on the prohibition of use, storage, manufacture and transfer of antipersonal mines and their destruction". Ver->

The New Chief of the Combat Service Support takes Office

On 11 December, the director of the centre, COL Miguel Angel SALGUERO, hosted a ceremony as the new Chief of the Combat Service Support, Captain Rogelio Javier TEJADA took office at CAECOPAZ. Ver->

Former Chilean personnel of the Joint Combined General Staff of the “Cruz del Sur” Peace Force honoured at medal presentation ceremony.

On 5 December, a medal presentation ceremony was held in the auditorium of CAECOPAZ to thank the staff of the Republic of Chile that made up the Joint Combined General Staff of the combined Peace Force “Cruz del Sur” in 2019. Ver->

The new Chief of the Joint Signal Company of the Armed Forces takes office

On Thursday 5 December, the new Chief of the Joint Signal Company of the Armed Forces took office in a ceremony held at Caecopaz. Ver->

Argentine Task Force 55 - Mobile Team in the Intermediate Meeting Zone

On 2nd December, the CAECOPAZ Mobile Teams, made up by the Director of the Centre, the Deputy Director and Instructors went to the 24th "General Jerónimo Costa" Mechanized Infantry Regiment in the city of Río Gallegos and to the Instruction and Evaluation Command of the Marine Corps of Batteries (COIE) in Baterías (Puerto Belgrano), respectively. Ver->

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